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          We produce luxury


     That turns your home

kitchens into

a professional kitchen 

And make cooking an enjoyable and satisfying experience

Whether you are a devoted father 

a loving mother or a  professional chef With our tools you can take your

cooking to the next level

Romeo Cooks Company​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

We provide warranty

We provide 3 years warranty on our products.

​​​​​​​Some of our amazing benefits

our key benefits

Premium Stainless steel

-The kitchen knife is Made of high-Grade stainless steel.
​​​​-Machine Made 18°±1° Edge Angle for Extreme Sharpness.

- a perfect edge angle for everyday kitchen cutlery – extreme sharpness and long lasting edge preservation.

-The edge of the blade is machine made and laser tested.

-The blade is sharp for cooking and won’t lose its sharpness after a considerable amount of use. 

"Full Tang"

-The Knives Are "Full Tang" Which Means The Steel Goes From The Tip Of The Blade Right Down To The Bottom Of the Handle Which Allows For Increased Force When Using The Knife And Extra Leverage.

Our products are high quality and long-lasting
-Premium Stainless steel kitchen knife is Made of high-Grade stainless steel​​​​.


High quality Prestigious wooden handle

-High-quality wood handle Made of special water-resistant wood
durable over time.

Compared to competitors

-Knife Designed to last unlike some budget knives on the market.

-Luxury packaging-all of our products comes in a prestigious gift box.

-We also provide a gift, in addition, a "knife sharpener".
-We share our recipes and help you discover a new world of flavors
Along with an amusing story​​​​​​.

Luxurious and precise design

-Each Knife Is Designed To Have The Perfect Balance In Hand Making For A Smarter Cut In The Kitchen. 

Romeo Cooks Company

"not everyone knows the real story

    of Romeo and Juliet but every

good thing starts with a good meal …." 

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The Founder

An Independent Entrepreneur and a Cooking enthusiast Founded Romeo Cooks Company From the desire to turn your home kitchen to a professional kitchen

The company was founded by a man who loved cooking for his family and so that you could also enjoy cooking for your family   

 Maor: I have started to work at a young age and step by step I have gotten really good

But I just couldn't get the same results at home because I didn’t have the professional cooking tools I had in the restaurant and those tools where or really expensive to buy or needed a lot of space and so I couldn’t make my family the same quality food I made in the restaurant and not just that even the things I could make took much longer and believe me it was frustrating 

It even came to a point I cooked a holiday meal and I just sow on my family faces that they were disappointed and expected more it was humiliating
That's when I decided to take action to my own hands and create Romeo Cooks professional home cooking tools